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Based in Nashville, TN., Merit Group brings over 17 years of  hands on, real    world IT experience to K12.

We know first hand that the success of any school district directly depends upon the tools and resources available to  staff.   To often IT departments are constrained with limited budget, staffing, or exposure to the cost effective solutions available to them.  Unfortunately, this forces redefining needs around solutions, versus finding and utilizing the best solution to meet the needs.


In today’s world of fast-pace and ever changing IT demands , Merit Group is proud to bring cost  effective, creative, manageable, and realistic solutions to customers to fulfill their individual and unique IT needs. 

Our expertise spans GPL, enterprise class Open Source and Linux based solutions, to industry titans such as Microsoft, Dell, and VMware,  to offer creative options, experience, and keen insight in meeting your IT needs.

From staffing and part time assistance, to enterprise design, architecture, and implementations, we are experts in and dedicated to providing the right solution for your unique K12 environment and needs.

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